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Computer Replacement Cycle

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Replacement Cycle

Church computers are replaced on a five-year cycle in accordance with local and area facility management group (FMG) budgets. Hardware failures are an exception to this policy. The stake physical facilities representative (PFR) should work with the FMG during the fourth year of the computer’s life so that funds from the annual plan can be requested to replace the computer during the fifth year.

Monitors and printers may be replaced as needed. When a need arises, the technology specialist should contact the stake PFR, who will address issues or replacement needs with the FMG. If you have questions about where a particular computer is in its life cycle, the PFR can inquire of the facilities management office.


The local FMG is responsible for procuring computers, monitors, and printers. Local units are not charged for these purchases, and there are no forms that need to be filled out. The stake PFR simply contacts the FMG and tells them what is needed. If the FMG doesn’t have the proper equipment in stock, it will order hardware based on current guidelines.

Computers for new units

When a new ward is created in a location where MLS is authorized, the stake PFR contacts the FMG, which orders the new computer and printer.


After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, computer repairs become the responsibility of the FMG. The FMG completes a cost analysis to determine whether to repair or replace a computer that is no longer under warranty but is not yet scheduled for replacement.

Disposal or transfer of computers

After the technology specialist has received approval from the stake PFR, the technology specialist should erase the hard drive of the old computer and then follow instructions regarding the disposal or transfer of the old computer. The FMG will dispose of or transfer the computer. Computers are considered hazardous waste, and the Church can be held at significant liability if computers are not disposed of properly.

In North America, the Church has secured replacement services from TAMS. Please follow these instructions whenever retiring a computer.

Erasing hard drives

See Erasing a Hard Drive.


Local units are responsible for standard printer supplies such as paper and toner. These are paid for using local unit funds.