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Creating Church Zoom Account

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Issue / Question

How does a Stake Technology create a General Church Zoom account?


Many local leaders purchased Zoom accounts before General Church Zoom accounts were available.  Local units are encouraged to transfer these accounts to a Church Zoom account.  If they do not need to transfer an account but would like to create a new one, please follow steps below.

Solution / Fix

Step 1. Go to 

Step 2. Select Enroll under the Zoom Accounts for Church Units option.

Meet Portal.png

IMPORTANT:  The Global Service Desk (GSD) does not support account related issues. Please submit feedback

Step 3. The following screen appears. Under Add Account select the unit you would like to create a General Church Zoom account for.

Step 4. Click on Create Account

Step 5. An email will be sent to the email address listed to finalize the General Church Zoom account activation.