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Definitions and Acronyms

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Facilities Management Group (FMG):

A group of Church employees, led by a facilities manager (FM), that manages multiple meetinghouses which are usually spread across several stakes. It works primarily with stake presidents and physical facilities representatives to maintain Church buildings and properties.

Information and Communication Services Department (ICS):

The Church department charged with providing technology services for the Church worldwide.

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

A company that provides access to the internet.

Meetinghouse Computer:

Any computer purchased with Church funds for use in a meetinghouse, installed under the direction of the stake presidency, and managed in compliance with Church standards. Meetinghouse computers include clerk computers and others used for gospel-related purposes. (See General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 38.8.12.)

Meetinghouse Facilities Department (MFD):

The Church department charged with providing Church facilities worldwide. (See General Handbook, 35.2.1.)

Meetinghouse Technology Committee:

A committee at Church headquarters representing all major departments of the Church that influence technology in meetinghouses.

Meetinghouse Technology Coordination Team:

ICS employees charged with coordinating communications, training, and policy related to meetinghouse technology.

Member and Leader Services (MLS):

MLS was software on clerk computers used to manage unit finance and member donation information and to run reports. Similar functionality is available in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) at

Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR):

Web program available to ward and stake leaders to manage memberships and local unit information.

Physical Facilities Representative (PFR):

A high council member assigned to coordinate building needs with the FMG and the stake technology specialist. (See General Handbook, 35.2.4.)

Technology Specialist (TS):

Individuals who are called by either the stake or the ward to support their respective units by providing technology support for meetinghouse products, services, and guidelines to priesthood leaders, teachers, official family history centers, and mission offices. Those called by the stake will have access to specific resources for all meetinghouses in the stake.

Third-Party Software:

Any computer software program that was not created by the Church or is not approved for use on Church computers.