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Document Scanning

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Scan a Document

Scanning can be done as a Guest or logged into a User Account. Scanned documents are sometimes required by LCR, for example when a new record is created. Guests may save scanned documents to removable storage since anything stored on the Chromebook will be lost when the Guest session ends.

  1. At the bottom right, select the time.
  2. Select Settings Settings Image.png.
  3. At the bottom left, select Advanced.
  4. To open the Scan app, under "Print and scan," select Scan.
    • Alternatively, to find the Scan app, open LauncherLauncher Icon.png and search for Scan.
  5. To select your scanner, under "Scan" select the down arrow menu on the right.
    • Tip: You can customize your color mode, page size, resolution, and scan options under “More settings.”
  6. To start your scan, select the Scan button.

Tip: Scanned files are saved to the location you specified in the "Scan to" option. To find your scanned files, select Show file location. You can also scan documents with your Chromebook’s camera.

Only use this process if a compatible scanner is attached to the Chromebook as part of a multifunction device or stand-alone scanner.