E-books are electronic formatted text that can be read on devices such as e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and computers. Currently the Church is developing ePub-formatted e-books that can be found at EPUB Manuals on

Church-supported e-book formats

There are many formats for e-books available. The Church is currently supporting three specific formats that cover a wide range of devices; specifically ePub, Mobi, and KF8.

Current e-book formats the Church is looking to create and support
Format Devices That Use This Format
ePub B&N Nook, Sony reader, Kobo, iOS devices, Android devices, most smartphones and tablets
Mobi E-Ink Kindles, Kindle Fire

New Projects

New Teachings of Presidents of the Church Manual Coming Soon

We will be posting ePub and mobi (Kindle format) versions of the Teachings of Presidents of the Church manual for 2014 soon.

As always, we are looking for testers for these e-books. You will also be able to download these e-books directly from the Amazon Kindle Store, iTunes iBookstore, Kobo eBookstore, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble.

We ask that you leave your technical feedback here to make sure and fix any bugs that might arise.

Current 3rd Party Publishing Channels

Download Links

Amazon Kindle Store

iTunes iBookstore

Using Calibre to Transfer E-Books to Your Device

Calibre is an excellent free software tool to transfer e-books to your device.

For Kindle users, *do not use the ePub format, instead use either mobi or Kindle format. Otherwise the conversion from epub to a readable Kindle format will not perfectly render properly.

E-books are currently only available on and LDSTech. We are in the process of creating and publishing more e-books in the three formats listed above.

Channels eBookstore Links
Google Play
Kobo Bookstore
Barnes & Noble

Cost per download

There is an associated cost to readers to download e-books from some of these third party stores. Amazon and Barnes & Noble require a minimum of $0.99-$2.99 (depending on the file size) to distribute e-books in their respective stores. E-books in the iTunes iBookstore will be available for free. This is not because we favor one distributor over another, but what the minimum requirements for each store are.

New Projects

E-book Files for Testing

Please leave feedback here.

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