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Firewall Activation on CNM

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These are instructions for the activation of the Standard Meetinghouse Firewall solution using Church Technology Manager (CNM).

Firewall Activation Steps:

1. Log into

2. The CNM dashboard homepage will display all the buildings assigned to your stake.

3. Select the desired property by clicking on the property name.  If this is a new property that is not yet in the Church property management system you can add a temporary property to your stake and then re-assign the network to the real meetinghouse when it becomes available in CNM.

NOTE: For CNM users that are not Stake Technology Specialists, you can search for the property using the Search option in the upper right-hand corner of the CNM homepage.

Step 3 of Firewall Activation Steps.png

4. Click on + Add Network

Step 4 of firewall activation steps.png

5. Adding the Network

  1. Select the Network Configuration. (Password not needed for a Meetinghouse)
  2. Enter the Serial Number of the Firewall that you are adding
  3. Give the Network a name (some buildings may have more than one network)
  4. Click Add Network at the bottom of the page
Step 5 of Firewall Activation on CNM.png

6. If you receive an error message during this process then call the GSD with the Firewall Serial Number and error message detials.