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Interactive Books and Magazines

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Interactive Books & Magazines are currently scratching the surface of what is possible. Content is being consumed more deeply through tablets and smartphones. Digital allows readers to be immersed into the content through text, video, audio, and other interactive elements. Publishers are only beginning to see newer ways in which the reader can interact with the message. It is important that readers can enjoy the quality of the Church's message on these interactive platforms.

New Projects

Mormon Channel for Kids

Released in December 2014, the Mormon Channel Kids app is a bookshelf with interactive storybooks for children. Readers can enjoy four interactive stories: "A Mother's Hope", "The Nativity", "The Old Shoemaker", and "The Coat". These interactive stories are available on iOS, Android, and Kindle. Because this is a new product of the Church, we are looking for help to test these stories on a variety of devices. More details will be coming soon on how Tech volunteers may be involved.

Current Projects

Mormon Channel for Kids

After many requisitions and suggestions from users like you, we are happy to present the Mormon Channel Kids app. Made especially for children, this storybook app will entertain curious minds and busy fingers with uplifting, interactive tales. Kids can read to themselves, hear from a narrator, and play within each short story. We hope this app will provide users with fun new ways to learn gospel principles including charity, prayer, and love. Mormon Channel

Interactive Ensign Magazine

Currently publishing only the General Conference issues. The interactive Ensign is a digital magazine that adds features such as video, audio, and social media sharing for each talk. There is also an interactive General Authority chart that gives background information on the speakers. The interactive Ensign is currently available for iOS and Android.

iOS: iTunes

Android: Google Play

To Turn the Hearts

To Turn the Hearts is an official app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that shows how family history can be used as a resource to strengthen individuals and families, increase temple attendance, help new members, and aid activation and missionary efforts. This app contains content from To Turn the Hearts: Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work, its accompanying DVD, and other selected videos.

iTunes App Store

LDS Pamphlets

The Restoration is a brief, interactive publication about the origin of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, nicknamed the Mormon Church. It answers such questions as: What is the nature of God? How does God reveal His gospel to us? What happened to Jesus Christ's original Church? What is the origin of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Since the Great Apostasy, does anyone have Priesthood authority today? What is the Book of Mormon? Who is Joseph Smith? How can one know the truth? This is an electronic version of a short pamphlet with the same name that is published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. iTunes App Store

Current 3rd Party Publishing Channels

Using Calibre to Transfer E-Books to Your Device

Calibre is an excellent free software tool to transfer e-books to your device. For Kindle users, *do not use the ePub format, instead use either mobi or Kindle format. Otherwise the conversion from ePub to a readable Kindle format will not render properly.

How to get involved

Because this is a new format and project for the Church, we are looking for feedback and testing as we bring new projects to public. As more and more projects are being developed more opportunities for testing will come up and we will always be looking for beta testers. Here are current or upcoming projects that we are looking for testers on:

Interactive LDS Ensign Feedback

We are currently looking for feedback on the LDS Ensign app. Located in the Table of Contents is a survey that we ask readers to complete. Our goal is to evaluate how readers are using the interactive Ensign and if this is something that more readers would like in the future.

ePub Files for Testing

Please leave feedback here.