Leadership Training Library

The Leadership Training Library is a collection of training videos that accompany Handbook 2. You can access the Leadership Training Library on by going to Resources > Leadership and Teaching > Leadership Training Library.

The Leadership Training library provides videos that accompany Handbook 2 sections.

Site purpose

The purpose of the Leadership Training Library is two-fold. First, it is meant for self-teaching. For this reason, there are "learning helps" at the beginning and end of the videos. Learning helps typically include questions posed by the video narrator. For example, the questions may encourage viewers to do the following:

  • Reflect on inspiration the viewer received during the video
  • Develop specific goals in the viewer's callings
  • Discuss leadership qualities seen in the videos

The second use of the site is for leaders to train other leaders. The videos are downloadable with or without the learning helps in case leaders intend to guide a discussion themselves. The download feature also allows videos to be shared in meetinghouses that lack Internet capabilities.

Downloading videos

You can download a video by clicking the Download button on the light gray toolbar at the bottom of the page. In the pop-up window that appears, right-click the video links and select Save Links As or Save Target As.

You can download the videos by clicking Download in the gray toolbar in the footer.

Unique Design

One of the most striking features of the Leadership Training Library is the design of the site itself. A brown and yellow color palette replaces the traditional blue backdrop of A black video thumbnail dominates the page, and pictures of Christ highlight the five leadership principles listed down the right side of the page.

This design helps replicate the experience of being in a library. It's meant to be a unique study experience with a special focus on the leadership principles. The color, texture, and feel of the site all promote a serene and personal learning experience. The hope is that the personal, unique tranquility of the site, as encouraged by the library-like atmosphere, helps visitors to focus on learning by the Spirit.

Focus on the Savior

You'll also notice the Leadership Training Library has a picture of Christ on every page. The intent is to remind visitors that the leadership principles being discussed are truly principles set forth by the Savior. The images selected come from the paintings of Carl Bloch. These paintings resonate with the leadership principles they illustrate. The quantity of Bloch’s paintings also presented a cohesive family of artwork for the site.

Filming and Video Style

The style of the videos on the site is also distinctive. They are not typical training videos. Rather, they are a hybrid of a training video and a documentary with the personal touch of a Mormon Message.

The videos are meant to inspire as well as to instruct. Their purpose is to share the principles and concepts found in Handbook 2, as well as to motivate viewers and to help them feel what it’s like to be a leader.

There are no actors in the films. They are all real Church members with real callings who are following the principles of the handbook. This gives the videos a personal touch and the distinctive feel that comes with real-life testimonies.

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