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Letters and policies archive

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This site contains a repository of official letters from Church headquarters that are relevant to clerk and technology issues. Some of the most helpful documents are official policy statements. For a more complete list, see the Official Communications Library.

Title Date Type
Ordering Process for Office and Other Supplies 17 Jan 2012 Instructive
Availability of Personal Video Conferencing 19 Sep 2011 Instructive
Outstanding Checks and the Escheatment Process 19 Aug 2011 Instructive
2012 Satellite program schedule - US/Canada - Latin America - Europe/Africa - Asia/Pacific 23 Aug 2011 Instructive
Priesthood Restoration Site Donations 15 Apr 2011 Instructive
November 2010 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting and Handbooks 1 and 2 Available on 03 Dec 2010 Instructive
Seminary and Institute Enrollment and Attendance Report in MLS 22 Oct 2010 Instructive
Secured Website on for Church Leaders - U.S. and Canada 01 Oct 2010 Instructive
2011 Satellite program schedule - US/Canada - Latin America - por - Europe/Africa - Asia/Pacific 26 Aug 2010 Instructive
Accountability for Young Single Adults (revised quarterly report) 15 Nov 2009 Instructive
Policies and Guidelines for Computers Used by Clerks for Church Record Keeping 18 Aug 2009 Policy
Meetinghouse Local Unit Copier Program - U.S. and Canada 13 Apr 2009 Instructive
PBO Webcasting Letter for U.S. and Canada 09 Feb 2009 Instructive
PBO Webcasting Letter outside U.S. and Canada 09 Feb 2009 Instructive
Policy and Guidelines for Computers in Family History Centers 01 Nov 2008 Policy
Church Unit Financial Statements - U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico 12 Jun 2008 Instructive
Travel Costs 16 May 2008 Instructive
Broadband Internet Services in Meetinghouses - Utah areas only 26 Mar 2008 Policy
Connecting Stake and Ward Clerk Computers to Church Communications Network (CCN) Internet Connections 11 Feb 2008 Policy
Toll-free Support Number for Unit Copiers, Printers, Multi-function Devices 09 Oct 2006 Instructive
Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Materials 22 Feb 2006 Policy
Online Missionary Recommendation System 22 Aug 2005 Instructive
Training Lessons for Church Record Keeping 20 Jul 2005 Instructive
Meetinghouse Local Unit Copier Program Changes 18 Mar 2005 Policy
Strengthening Stake and Ward Clerks 27 Jun 1998 Policy

Other Documents

Media:Photocopier Replacement Order Form.pdf




Media:06959 000 2009Satellite letter.pdf

Media:08071 000 notice.pdf

Media:24739 000 Dec04 letter.pdf

Media:21812 000 notice.pdf

Media:00262 000 Mar05 notice.pdf

Media:Reconciliation instructions for units that have not reconciled in MLS.pdf

Media:06820 000 notice.pdf



Media:Standard Ward Callings.pdf

Media:Use and Retention of Records and Reports—Stake or District US Canada 06498 000.pdf

Media:Use and Retention of Records and Reports—Ward or Branch US Canada 06499 000.pdf

Media:Ward Emergency Prepardeness and Response Plan.pdf

Media:ASL Enabled Buildings.pdf