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MarkLogic Provided Training

  • "Grokking the cts API" is a great overview of MarkLogic's search and query capabilities, which are its most important feature. Everything you do in MarkLogic should be focused around how MarkLogic indexes, searches, and queries documents.
  • Try Marklogic is the best way to play with MarkLogic's search and query features. Without installing anything, you can run queries and searches against an existing database in the cloud.
  • MarkLogic Tutorials guide you step-by-step through each major MarkLogic feature. Some tutorials are short and sweet five minutes, and others take up to an hour or so.
  • Live Training is available from MarkLogic at no cost. A live instructor will work with you to show you how to build MarkLogic applications, administer MarkLogic, use Semantics (triples), and MarkLogic fundamentals (like search and queries).
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