Missionary Recommendation System

The online Missionary Recommendation System is a Church-hosted Web application that allows stake presidents, bishops, designated clerks, missionary candidates, and Church headquarters staff to complete and process missionary recommendation forms online. Even though the submission process is now online, the missionary's call letter and call packet are still printed and mailed to the missionary's home. Likewise, priesthood leaders continue to receive notification of the missionary's call in a letter mailed from Church headquarters.


The missionary recommendation system is found at Login to the system using the LDS Account. Access to the system is controlled according to the following rules:

  • Bishops and stake presidents can login with no further authorization needed (since the LDS Account is tied to a Membership Record Number, and CHQ knows what MRNs are associated with bishops and stake presidents).
  • Bishops and stake presidents can authorize ward and stake clerks (or other ward or stake members) to access the system by entering the clerk's MRN and confirmation date, and then specifying the access level (General, Nonconfidential Comments, Confidential Comments, or Submission).
  • Missionary candidates can access the system after the bishop initiates the missionary application. Note that a bishop can initiate the application even for a missionary whose records are not currently in his ward (perhaps because the candidate is in a student ward). He just needs the name, MRN and birth date.

If you forget your password or user name, click Forgot your password? on the login screen. You will then be led through the appropriate process to recover or reset your LDS Account login information.


October 2009
The system is made available to priesthood leaders in England, Portugal and Spain.
February-April 2009
Transition to using LDS Account authentication for accessing the system.
Summer 2006
The system is made available to priesthood leaders in the US and Canada.


Once you have signed in to the system, a Help link in the top navigation bar provides access to an extensive help system, including a site tour for bishops and stake presidents.

The LDSTech Forum is a source for support provided by a community of clerks and leaders.

There is a group within the missionary department called "Pre-Field Services" that handles missionary issues prior to the missionary departing for service. They can be reached at 1-800-453-3860 x22179.

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