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My Calling Overview

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> Meetinghouse Technology

Welcome to your calling as a Technology Specialist. This overview will provide you with information about your role and the technologies you will be working with. The following four sites contain content that can help you learn more about your calling:

  • The Meetinghouse Technology submenu of the Help Center contains numerous OVERVIEW articles that describe different aspects of your calling and the technologies you will be asked to work with.
  • The TECH Wiki is primarily a collection of how-to articles that provide step-by-step instructions.
  • The TECH Forum is a collection of responses to questions raised by other Technology Specialists.

If you are new to your calling, it would be a good idea to start by reading the overview content in the Help Center. Here are some quick links to articles in the help center portal:

Please note that these 4 sites are available only in English. We encourage you to use machine translation to read these articles. If you need assistance with machine translation, please contact the Area Office for support.

To translate articles in Tech Wiki, select the world Icon in the upper right corner and select the language you want to view the content in. Then click on the word for “Translate” in the left channel of the screen.  All articles will then be translated.  A similar process for translating articles in the Tech Forum is on its’ main page.

For more information on using Machine Translation, please see this article on the Help Center

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