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New Intern Training

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Below are a list of helpful videos for new interns! For the OneNote document to get access to all of the tools you will be using, click here.

How To Use The Church Technology Specialist YouTube Channel

Video: Quick Overview On How To Work A YouTube Channel

Passwords for the 2 different YouTube channels can be found here.

Completing The Monthly Metric

Make sure to complete the Monthly Metric before the first Friday of each month.

Video: Monthly Metric How-To

Video: Monthly YouTube Metrics How-To

Documentation for the Monthly Metric can be found here.

Documentation about YouTube Metrics can be found here.

Web Scraping Tutorial For Speedtest Data

This tutorial is meant to help with the Country Maturity Model. You can view the Maturity Model here.

Video: Web Scraper Tutorial

Documentation can be found here.

Camtasia Tutorials

Get the software Key here: Camtasia License

Here are some resources to learn Camtasia.


Adobe Analytics

Access to Adobe Analytics from OneNote.

Video: Walkthrough of Adobe Analytics

Documentation for Adobe Analytics can be found here.

TextiQ Qualtrics

Video: Analyzing Text Responses Using Text iQ in Qualtrics

Google Search Console for TechWiki (Analytics for TechWiki)

Learn how to get into the Google Search Console here: Google Search Console