Office software tasks

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Office software can help clerks perform many useful functions.


Either OpenOffice (the recommended suite) or Microsoft Office can be used to[1]:

  • Convert MLS reports into a spreadsheet so that one can manipulate, sort, and delete unwanted fields.
  • Track move-in/move-out data (and forwarding addresses).
  • Record sustainings, releases, setting apart, ordinations (who, when -- making sure all are completed). This may be commonly known as a ward business sheet.
  • Keep a monthly history of unit statistics for the stake presidency.
  • Track missionary contacts, progress, baptisms, confirmations, new member discussions. Note that some of this can be done in MLS with the New Member Report.
  • Analyze stake demographics (even going as deep as street name increments using geo codes).
  • Prepare, track, and report on ward budget allocations.[2]
  • Complete disciplinary council reports.

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  1. Message on LDSClerks mailing list.
  2. See Budget Allowance Accounting or Budget Allowance.
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