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Satellite Receiver Front Panel Indicators

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There are several LED indicators on the front panel of the satellite receiver that help determine the status of the satellite receiver.

Optimizing Satellite img 1.png

Satellite front panel indicators.png


  1. Use the buttons to move to the setting you want to change. Press the Select button.
  2. For numeric options, you can use the buttons to either change the value one digit at a time or navigate to the Keyboard to use an on-screen keyboard to change the values.
  3. To access the menus at the bottom of the screen, navigate to the appropriate selection using the buttons and press Select. A help message is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Press Menu to move to the previous menu.


The SIGNAL indicator can be in one of three modes: On, Off, or Flashing.

  • On – Receiver is authorized to view the current program.
  • Off – No satellite signal has been found.
  • Flashing – Receiver has a satellite signal but is not authorized to view the current program.


The OFF indicator identifies the receiver has power but is not turned on. The indicator is a blinking green dot on the front panel.

Off indicator.png