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Setting Up a New Clerk Computer

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Most new Meetinghouse systems will come with Microsoft Autopilot provisioning enabled. This new technology allows systems to be set up and provisioned over the internet. If your computer does not have the provisioning tool pre-installed, it may be downloaded by selecting this link. If you are setting up a system that was purchased before August 2022, please contact your Stake Technology Specialist for help in resetting the computer. Once the system has been reset, you can set it up by starting with step 6 below. Please note that you will need to know your Church Unit Number to complete setup.


1.      Connect any peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse) to the computer.  Connect power and a wired connection to the internet if available.  If necessary, you will be prompted to join a wireless network during set up.

2.      Turn on the computer.

3.      Windows setup will begin.  If wireless internet access will be used, connect to a wireless network when prompted.

4.      If the system has been configured for Autopilot, the following provisioning screen will appear on the display.  If the Autopilot Provisioning Screen does not appear, complete the system set up by following Steps 6 and 7.

Autopilot Provisioning Screen.png

Autopilot Provisioning Screen

5.      Click the “Continue Anyway” button as soon as it appears.  The system will complete some tasks, reboot, and automatically login to an account called ChurchSupport.  Skip to Step 8.  

6.      Follow steps 6 and 7 if Autopilot does not automatically run:

a.      Select Region, Keyboard, and any other prompts for preferences.  Agree to any licenses.

b.      When prompted to sign in with Microsoft:

i. Windows 10: Click “Domain Join Instead” in the lower left corner of the screen.

ii. Windows 11: Click on Set up for work or school, Sign-in Options, then "Domain Join Instead."

c.      When prompted, create an account called ChurchSupport. 

d.      Set the password for the new account and when prompted, create, and answer three security questions.

e.      When prompted for privacy settings, leave the defaults, and click accept.

f.       Select the “Not Now” button when prompted to allow Cortana.

g.      The setup will complete, and you will be signed into the device.

7. Run ChurchSupportSelfProvision.exe

a. Most new clerk computers come ready for provisioning. If the machine was not purchased with the church self provisioning tool on it,  it may be downloaded by selecting this link.

b. Locate the ChurchSupportSelfProvision.exe file.

c. Right click on the file and select “Run as Administrator”

d. When prompted, click Yes to launch “ChurchSupportSelfProvision.exe”.

e. The ChurchSupportSelfProvision.exe application will download a few files and reboot the system.  The system will then login using the ChurchSupport account created in step 6c. Enter the password for this account and press Enter.

f. Keep the default privacy settings and click Accept.  The device will then display the desktop and launch Computer Asset Updater.

8.      Complete the Computer Asset Updater (Part 1)

a.      When automatically launched, the Computer Asset Updater will display the following:

Computer Asset Updater.png

Computer Asset Updater

b.      Click on the “Please Select a Profile” pulldown menu and select the “Clerk Computer” entry.

c.      You will then be prompted for elevated rights.  Click OK.

d.      You will receive another prompt to allow AssetUpdater.exe to run.  Click Yes.

e.      A new Computer Asset Updater window will appear.

9.      Complete the Computer Asset Updater (Part 2)

a.      The new Computer Asset Update will look like the graphic below:

Post Install Updater part 2.png

Computer Asset Updater, Part 2

b.      Enter your Unit Number.  This will be used to create a ward login on this device.  If you do not enter your ward number, a randomly generated number will be created for your ward login. Select the appropriate entries for all pull-down menus marked with a red asterisk (*).  Click Submit.

c.      Multiple screens will open and close before displaying a Post Install wizard.

10.  Complete the Post Install Wizard

a.      Select Clerk Computer from the list of entries and click the OK button as shown below:

Post Install Wizard Popup.png

Post Install Wizard Pop Up

b.      Several screens will open and close and the system will reboot automatically. If a password was set for the ChurchSupport account, enter it when prompted.

c.      Progress will be displayed in the Post Install Wizard as applications are installed on the device.  Some settings will also be changed at this stage as well. See graphic below:

Windows Post Install Wizard.png

Windows Post Install Wizard

d.      Do not close any windows or change any settings during this stage.  As changes are made to the device, the wizard may move to the background.  If desired, it can be moved to the foreground to monitor progress.

e.      When complete, the Post Install Wizard will close, and the system will be rebooted.

11.  On reboot:

a.      Click on your Unit number in the lower left corner of the display.  If you did not enter a ward number in step 9, select the account labeled Unit <random number>.

b.      Press the Enter Key.  The account has no password at this point.

c.      You will be prompted to change the login password, click OK.

                                                             i.     Enter a new password in the New password box.

                                                           ii.     Press Tab

                                                         iii.     Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password box.

                                                          iv.     Press Enter

d.      You will see a confirmation that the password has been changed.

e.      Click OK and Accept the default privacy settings.

f.       The system will now be ready for use.