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Hola, buenas noches...

por favor indicar si la pagina LDSTECH se edita en español para seguir la capacitación,


Jorge Bolaños N.

Formatting / Layout

Any way to reduce the vertical whitespace of the table? We have a 1024x768 monitor, and much of the table content is "below the fold"--too low when the page first loads, even when I use "full screen" in the browser. I also decreased the font size in my browser; the best I could get was the top of "Membership" section to show up, but none of the links within the membership section. I looked at the source and tried to look for margin-bottom or padding-bottom CSS rules, and I didn't see any. Please advise. Thanks! --Jcarroll 02:20, 13 October 2011 (UTC)

Meetinghouse technology category

I removed the Category:Meetinghouse Technology from this page for two reasons:

  • it was misspelled (it had a capital T), which meant that it wouldn't connect this article with everything else in Category:Meetinghouse technology;
  • The biggest reason is that this page does not belong in that category. This portal has links to many pages on a variety of topics. Some of those pages deal with meetinghouse technology, some with finances, some with membership, etc., etc., etc. Those pages should be properly categorized, and some of those will be in Category:Meetinghouse technology. But as for this page itself, there's nothing special about Category:Meetinghouse technology; if you put it in that category, then it would also have to be in many other categories. What's the benefit of putting this single page in so many categories? I can't see it. -- Aebrown 21:01, 24 May 2012 (UTC)

Going Paperless with Membership Records

We are considering going paperless with our membership records. Based on what I have read here, it seems as though there is no requirement to keep a hard copy of membership records (or the MLS transaction summaries). Does anyone know of where this can be confirmed in the official training/instruction material? Are there any membership-related records that need to be kept in hard-copy form? Thanks!

You also asked this question on the LDSTech Forum in the topic Paperless Membership Records. That's a much better place to ask questions than the wiki, and you've already received a couple of responses there. So we can consider this question here on the wiki closed. -- Aebrown (talk) 08:40, 5 February 2013 (MST)