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I have enjoyed using the beta version of LDS maps. I was wondering if there was a project out there to create this in an app format? I currently moved from Utah where ward boundaries are smaller to an area in Georgia where we take up two counties for our ward boundaries. I was placed in the Elder's Quorum presidency and told to quickly learn the members. I felt a strong desire to go out and visit the members in their homes. The problem was that I was new to the area and didn't know my way around town. I had GPS on my tablet but not 3G.

It would be nice to see the member's household locations offline similar to that of the online version ( The membership clerk could be told of any changes to address location and change the location. This would be beneficial as EQ, HP, YM, YW and even Primary search out members and invite them to participate.

Any help or direction in creating this new resource would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It's much better to ask such questions on the Forum. The wiki is not a good place for discussions (and you put your question in a sub-optimal place -- this is the discussion page for LUA Beta Testing, but your question deals with Maps). But in any case, I see that you did post your question in the forums in the LDS Maps App thread, so you can see my response and continue the discussion there. -- Aebrown 06:41, 5 February 2012 (UTC)
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