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Administrator role

as an administrator can I or can I not edit contact information on the behalf of members, this wiki says both? -- Jeffreyprows 20:19, 22 June 2012‎ (MDT)

It doesn't actually say both, although the language could be clarified a bit. The word "administrator" is used in two different contexts:
  • when used alone it is referring to an administrator for the directory, as described in Roles and responsibilities
  • when used in the phrase "Website administrator" it is referring to the calling of Website administrator, which is one of the callings that gives a person the role of directory administrator.
The note at the beginning of the Edit household and individual information for members section is clarifying that although the section describes how administrators can edit profiles, those directory administrators who have the calling of Website administrator cannot edit contact information or privacy settings; they can only manage photos in the profile. Only administrators who are leaders and clerks can edit the contact information and privacy settings in members' profiles.
So the answer to your question depends on your calling. If you are only a website administrator, the answer is No, you cannot edit contact information for members other than your own family. If you are a leader or clerk, the answer is Yes. -- Aebrown (talk) 06:05, 23 June 2012 (MDT)
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