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Listening to the spirit

One thing I have learned is that some kids from other homes may not think twice about showing any part of their body and sending it to a girl they want to impress, or boy they think will like them more if they show their body to them. However, innocent it is meant to be it is against the law in NY. Yet, kids still do it. I was appalled by the amount of unsolliceted boys that showed parts of themselves in emails to my daughter. She didn't know what to do about it so she left those emails alone, after she was shocked by the content of the message attached. Which said " I'd like to meet you after school and "study"/ pic attached, this subject. Can you help me. Gullible,and naive, she opened it only to be appalled and uncomfortable by the picture and text back don't send that stuff to me and I won't meet you after anything!/ Ashamed at what she had seen and feeling unpure, she asked what to do and spoke with me and her father. The internet is an easy way for men to sneek into chat rooms and pics of guys that myspace and facebook allow to a certain extent and then kids are misled to believe the first pic and shocked by the rest.

A guy thought my daughter was cute, figured out what school she attended by searching the other friends she had on the website and followed her to a football game and attacked her in the girls bathroom. Her friends were looking for her to come out the way she went in not aware that there were two doors on opposite sides of the bathroom. He carried her off and adults paid no attention to her screaming "help, leave me alone" thinking it was a girlfriend boyfriend argument or "game". She fought the best she could and listened to the Spirit which told her what to do and how to get out alive, cause all she wanted was her Mommy and to see her again. She managed to get away and forgot about taking pictures for the yearbook at the opponets school. She called me and I came immediately, but she didn't tell me for two months and she was still sore from his horrid treatment of her. It scared her in more ways than one and she is still in therapy. She gained weight thinking that would protect her but she still is cute so with that failing she tries to put people off. A warning to any youth, never go to the bathroom without a buddy. Even if they are the opposite sex make them stand in the doorway to protect your safety or theirs. Be careful what you put on the web, it's their forever...protect friends by not putting pictures of them that may be misleading to someone bathing suits...creeps are everywhere.. Be safe, be prayerful and listen to the Spirit. IF you hear a voice, say get out and you're trapped, stay calm and a way will be made for you to survive that moment. God Bless. -- Elisamarieshaffer 21:41, 13 September 2011 (UTC)

Game consoles

We need a section regarding Android Devices, Wii, Playstation (3 AND Portable) Nintendo DS, etc. -- Jessicalovesme 5:40, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

Android devices are already covered in the article (not in that particular category, but neither are other mobile operating systems) because the article is mostly about generic mobile devices. Game consoles are covered in the Video Games (Family Safety) article. So as near as I can tell, your suggestion is already covered.
Also, please note that I moved your suggestion from the article to the Discussion page, which is the appropriate place to ask questions or make suggestions. Articles should contain only text that is actually part of the content of the page. -- Aebrown 07:51, 17 November 2011 (UTC)
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