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First of all, excellent job with the VM and tutorial. However, network access options seems not to be working and, as far as I research, it is because of the changes done in newer versions of Virtualbox. I still trying to fix it, if I find and solution, I will post here.

Moreover, I did commands in Debian like 'nc localhost 1521' and 'nc localhost 8080' and return a 'Connection Refused' status. Is it coming with iptables activated? I am not a linux expert, having a hard time here, any help would be appreciate.



More Detail

Hi Mauricio, Thanks for the kind words. As of version 4.2.18, everything is working on my box - OSX Mavericks. Let me try to reproduce what you are seeing. Can you give me a bit more detail... What version of Virtual Box are you using? What operating system and version is your host machine? How far do you get before running into problems? Can you log in to the VM using the credentials provided on-screen when you start up your vm? If so can you SQLPlus to your database from within the VM using the oracle credentials shown on the screen? thanks again, Bruce

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