Special Circumstances

The link for units that have never reconciled directs to an old PDF document that has some out-dated and confusing information. I don't know if this is an integral part of this article, it seems it will cause more confusion then it will anything. It seems to confuse the information found in this article Reconciling a ward account that has not been reconciled for more than two months, I vote for a integration of the two articles into one using the most current information.

With that being said, the "Special Circumstances" portion, I think, needs to be retitled. More often than not, clerks fall into this category where they have been newly called, and the reconcile hasn't been done in several months and they don't know where to start. It also should include information that the first phone call that a new clerk should make is to the stake clerk for assistance and training. Caleb 18:34, 21 August 2009 (UTC)

I agree that the .pdf article seems outdated. It's also difficult to read and follow. I think this article will only add to the frustration of a new finance clerk. The purpose of this article seems similar to the more updated article Reconciling a ward account that has not been reconciled for more than two months. While there is still some valid information in the .pdf, we can extract the good content and add it to the more recent article.
I think changing the title of the "Special Circumstances" section is a valid suggestion as well. The title could be improved to attract more attention of the target audience- new clerks. Perhaps "Reconciliation for New Clerks" would grab the audience we want to view the article. Thank you for any suggestions! Levi 18:47, 21 August 2009 (UTC)

Distribution Center Charges

One thing I have discovered with the new format is that Distribution Center charges tend to get forgotten, particularly with the new online store. It may be worthwhile to add instructions to check the expenses and see if there are any charges from the Distribution Center (or other entity that can charge directly to your ward) and make sure you have accounted for it and taken care of that either through a transfer or modifying the category of the expense.

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