TechWiki:Wiki FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about the wiki.

How can I prevent others from making edits?

Collaborative editing is one advantage of the wiki platform. The basic philosophy is that articles are never finished; through collaborative edits from multiple people, the content gets more accurate, thorough, refined, and useful. Rather than preventing people from making edits, you should watch a page and monitor any edits that are made. To watch a page, click the Watch button above the page title. When someone makes a change, you'll receive an e-mail notification as long as you've accepted to receive e-mail notifications in your preferences. To configure your e-mail preferences, go to My preferences. On the User Profile tab, and select the check boxes in the E-mail section.

Who manages the wiki?

The wiki is managed by a group of employees and community volunteers. You can see the full list of administrators here. The most active wiki administrators are the following:

Contact information is on each user profile page. Wiki administrators regularly monitor changes to the wiki to ensure the changes are appropriate.

Who has edit rights to the wiki?

Anyone who has an LDS Account can edit the wiki. When you make edits to the wiki, your LDS Account user name appears in the history of edits for the page you edited. A list of recent wiki edits also appears in Recent changes, a link in the footer. You can click the user name to see the person's profile page, if the user has created one.

Can I make some pages private to employees only?

No, all pages are visible on the wiki to the world. If you have sensitive or confidential information, do not add it to this wiki. If information is specific to Church employees only, consider using a SharePoint wiki (which is behind the firewall) instead. MediaWiki (the software that runs this wiki) does not have the ability to make some pages private. The philosophy of MediaWiki is that information should be open and free to all.

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Note: Content found in this wiki may not always reflect official Church information.