This page may need to be deleted to meet the LDSTech Guidelines.


This template is to be applied to pages that need to be deleted, because they contain spam or other inappropriate content. The actual deletion can only be performed by a Sysop. Generally if a page contains duplicate information, it should not be deleted, but rather the content should be merged with the main article on the topic, and then the duplicate page should be changed to redirect to the main article.


Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:Pages to be deleted (unless you supply the "category=" parameter, as described below).


Simply insert the template near the top of the article by typing {{Delete}}. In general you should supply the reason the cleanup is needed, e.g., {{Delete|This page is spam}}. If you are using the template only for documentation purposes (such as on the Guidelines page), you can suppress the "Pages to be deleted"" category by adding a blank "category" parameter, e.g., {{Delete|This page is spam|category=}}.

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