Template:Help Needed


To add a Help Needed section defining the help needed relating to the article.


Field Name Usage Description
color optional Valid options: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray and purple.
Default: Yellow box title, white background for body, shades of Yellow for borders.
float optional Valid options: left or right.
Default: left.
top optional If present, positions the box relatively using the specified offset. For example, "top=-60px" moves the box up 60 pixels.
width optional Values can be expressed in either % or px.
Default: adjusts to width of content.
content mandatory The content to be displayed in the Help Needed box.


Help Needed

We need reviewers to review this content.
{{Help Needed
| content=We need reviewers to review this content.

Help Needed

Help Needed Box in Blue.
{{Help Needed
| color=blue 
| float=right
| width=75%
| content=Help Needed Box in Blue.


Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:Help Needed (unless you supply the "category=" parameter).

Similar Template

This template is similar to the {{Box}} template.

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