This template is used for links within translated pages, where the target page may or may not exist within the language. If the target page has been translated, the template will produce a link to that page; otherwise, a link to the English page will be produced.


On a translated subpage, insert the template in place of the [[target article]] syntax as follows:

{{langlink|English target|text}}


This template always takes two parameters:

  • English target: the title of the English version of the page
  • text: the text to appear in the body of the text


In the Spanish (language code is "es") version of a page (e.g., Stake technology specialist/es), the following wikitext would try to link to the Printing article:

... mantener y apoyar las {{langlink|Printing|impresora}} y equipos ...

This would always result in the following being displayed:

... mantener y apoyar las impresora y equipos ...

The impresora link would go to [[Printing/es]] if the Spanish translation exists; otherwise it would go to [[Printing]] (the English version).

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