You have an uploaded image called File:Sample.jpg that is 400px wide. You want to display this image as a 75px image that links to the page called "Help:Contents".

You insert the following into your page where you want the linked image to appear:


The image will appear in a gray frame with a 2px padded border, and will link to the wiki page Help:Contents. The caption is optional, but is supplied in this example.
You can also specify an external link by providing the fully qualified URL of the external page. For example, to use the same image to link to the page, replace "Help:Contents" with "".

To reference the content of a file that is on this wiki, it is best to use the Filepath command to generate the URL; for example:

{{LinkedImage|Sample.jpg|{{Filepath:User Doc.pdf}}|75|Caption}}


By default, images will float left. However, there is an optional named parameter called float that you can use if you want the image to appear right aligned. For example, the following syntax will float the image to the right:


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