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  • [[{{{product}}} benefits|Benefits]]
  • [[{{{product}}} policies and guidelines|Policies]]
  • [[{{{product}}} requirements|Requirements]]
  • [[Availability of {{{product}}} products and components|Availability]]
  • [[Get started with {{{product}}}|Get started]]
  • [[{{{product}}} training|Training]]
  • [[Local insights on {{{product}}}|Local insights]]
  • [[Answers about {{{product}}}|Answers]]

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This template is an infobox for Meetinghouse technology product articles. It will provide a common look and feel for all Meetinghouse technology wiki pages, which will help readers navigate between related product articles.


This template has five parameters.

The name of the product
(optional) Name of the template, if this is the same as the product name this parameter is not required
Product specific links
Links to related topics
If this parameter is supplied and is not blank, omit the column of Benefits, Policies, Requirements, and Availability links

This template is not intended to be directly used, but rather it is intended to be a source for creation of other templates. To use this template, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the name of the template you want to create (e.g., Template:Meetinghouse Webcast”)
    • If the template doesn’t exist, click on the red link that appears
    • If the template does exist, then edit the source of the existing template
  2. Type {{Meetinghouse base|product= |product-specific-links= |related-topics= |omit-benefits= }}
  3. Define the product parameter with your product name
  4. Define the product-specific-links parameter with a bulleted list of any product-specific links
  5. Define the related-topics parameter with a bulleted list of links to any related topics
  6. Define the omit-benefits parameter as any non-blank value if this is not a product and so you want to omit the Benefits and related links
  7. Save the template
  8. Use the template in all your product wiki pages by inserting {{AAA}} at the start of your wiki page (where AAA is your template name)
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