This section contains information that may be out-of-date due to later decisions or developments.


Apply this template to a discussion in a Talk Page to indicate that there is information in the discussion that may no longer be valid because of later changes or decisions in the project. In may also be used in documentation pages where out-of-date information cannot be deleted or modified.


Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:OutOfDate (unless you supply the "category=" parameter, as described below).


Simply insert the template at the top of a Talk Page discussion by typing {{OutOfDate}}. In general you should supply a short description of what information is out-of-date and why it is invalid, e.g., {{OutOfDate|Feature X has been removed from the project requirements}}.

If you are using the template only for documentation purposes (such as on the Guidelines page), you can suppress the "OutOfDate" category by adding a blank "category" parameter, e.g., {{OutOfDate|Your comment Here|category=}}.

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