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This page may need to be renamed for quality to meet the TechWiki Guidelines.


This template is to be applied to a page that need to be renamed by moving it to another name. This is likely because it is not clear what product this page refers to. A page name of "Computers" for example, is probably not the definitive page anyone would go to in order to learn everything there is to know about computers. A better name would be "Computers (meetinghouse)" or "Computers (MLS)" to more clearly indicate what is explained on the page. When the page is renamed, a redirect should be created. Once all references to the old name are updated, the redirect page should be removed.


Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:Pages to be renamed (unless you supply the "category=" parameter, as described below).


Simply insert the template near the top of the article by typing {{Rename}}. You should always supply the target page, and generally also the reason the rename is needed, e.g., {{Rename|This topic is part of [[Meetinghouse Technology]]}}. If you are using the template only for documentation purposes (such as on the Guidelines page), you can suppress the "Pages to be renamed" category by adding a blank "category" parameter, e.g., {{Rename|This topic is part of [[Meetinghouse Technology]]|category=}}.