This template is used to easily reference the URL of the Record-Keeping and Technology Support training lessons available on


This template takes one parameter: the short name of the training session. For example, to generate the URL for The Role of the Ward Clerk training session, you would insert {{TrainingURL|ward_clerk}}. This results in the following link:

The Role of the Ward Clerk  

List of sessions and short names

Training Session short name
The Stake President's Responsibility for Record Keeping   stakepresident
The Bishop's Responsibility for Record Keeping   bishop
Tithing Settlement   tithingsettlement
Calling and Strengthening Stake and Ward Clerks   callingclerks
The Stake Audit Committee   audit_committee
The Stake Auditor   auditor
The Role of the Stake Clerk   stake_clerk
The Role of the Ward Clerk   ward_clerk
Processing Weekly Donations   donations
Handling Church Expenses   handling_expenses
Receiving and Using Membership Records   receivingrecords
Updating Membership Records   updating_membership
Correcting Membership Records   correcting
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