Template:Under construction

This article is under construction for a brief time. If the article has not been changed in a few days, you may remove this template.


This template is to be applied to pages that are under construction, in order to warn other users that they should not make any substantial edits. This template should not be applied for long periods of time; it is rarely appropriate to apply this template to an article for more than a day or two.


Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:Pages under construction (unless you supply the "category=" parameter, as described below).


Simply insert the template near the top of the article by typing {{Under construction}}. An optional parameter may specify a specific message to be added. If no parameter is supplied, the default message will be appended: "If the article has not been changed in a few days, you may remove this template."

If you are using the template only for documentation purposes (such as on the Guidelines page), you can suppress the Pages under construction category by adding a blank "category" parameter, e.g., {{Under construction|This page will be completely overhauled on 20 Aug 2010.|category=}}.

See also

  • {{draft}} is for drafts of policy and guideline pages, to warn users that the policy or guideline is not yet reliable.
  • {{stub}} is for articles that are incomplete, but not being actively edited.
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