Proposed agenda for Wiki Council

This is just a draft to collect some ideas. Let's try to make sure the items are in priority order so that if we only get to the top 3 or so items, we will have at least set up a structure for making future decisions.

  1. How does the council communicate?
    • Email
    • A wiki page or area (protected or public?)
    • A private forum area on Tech forum
    • Skype chat
    • Web conferencing using MeetingPlace
  2. How does the council reach decisions? (Consensus? Vote? Someone in charge?)
  3. Do we have the right people on the Council? (Too many? Too few? Missing some responsible parties?)
  4. Roadmap for the Tech wiki
    • Who is responsible?
    • How do we create it?
  5. Getting more SysOp help, or community help in general
  6. Coordinating new initiatives (e.g., Meetinghouse technology, DTA project) so wiki community can help but not step on toes
    • Is there a plan for documenting new tools on on the wiki?
  7. How to help people learn wiki principles
    • Is Community Portal effective?
    • Do we need to welcome new users with a message linking to guidelines?
    • When we do need to communicate with individuals, how can we do that?
      • They often don't know to look at discussion pages (a good example is Talk:SSO ClientLib4X; a helpful question was posed, but the user has no user page, no contact info, and email disabled)
      • Most users have no User pages, so we have no contact info
      • Many users have disabled Email in their preferences (should this be allowed?)
  8. Wiki test instance: where is it, who should have access to it, rules for use
  9. Who can make wiki changes that require file permissions (e.g., skins, LocalSettings.php)?
    • How do we request such changes?

We probably won't have time to discuss the following items in the meeting, but they are some examples of topics the council should discuss at some point:

  1. Language translation strategy (see Steve Cottrell's suggestion)
  2. Various standards (capitalization, article introductions)
  3. Are Guidelines too heavy? too light?
    • Should some have the weight of policy, while others are simply guidelines?
  4. Proper use of discussion pages
  5. Standards for project pages (see Development project guidelines)
  6. Answering questions:
    • Do we need a wiki page where people can pose questions (assistance, policy, topical clarifications, etc.)? Who would answer them?
    • Who will answer questions posed on Talk pages? How can we follow up on open questions (e.g., Talk:Gospel Library for ePub)?
  7. How well do we support skins other than Tech?
  8. Categorization of uploaded files (is it necessary? helpful?)
  9. Is New Content Requests page helpful?
    • Do we need to make assignments for some of those ideas?
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