Cameron Watson
Cameron McKay Watson

Current Stuff

Teachers Quorum Assistant Advisor
Ward Technology Advisor
Houston Digital Corp
Learning About 
Static forces
Early depression policy
Responsibilities of a Varsity Scout Master
Wheel of Time Series
Popular Science
Dvice RSS feed
A Patriots History of the United States
Contact Me

Home and Family

  • Married to Sara in 1997
  • Father of Five Girls and a Boy
1 - Girl born 1999
2 - Girl born 2001
3 - Girl born 2003
4 - Boy born 2005
5 - Girl born 2007
6 - Girl born 2009
  • Hometown: Boise, ID

Work and Income

  • Current Employer: Houston Digital Corp
    • Position: Lead Senior Developer
    • Projects: Internal Only
  • Current Paid Projects
    • Business marketing software
    • eCommerce site for a wood craftman

Interests and Hobbies

  • Technology
  • History
  • Audible Books
  • Movies
  • Gadgets

Church History and Service

  • BIC to "goodly parents"
  • Baptized and confirmed at age 8
  • Received Aaronic Priesthood from father at age 12
  • Received Melchizedek Priesthood oldest brother at age 18
  • Served as counselors and presidents throughout youth
  • Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission Dec 7, 1994 - Dec 25, 1996
  • Elder Quorum
1st Counselor
2nd Counselor
  • Sunday School
2nd Counselor
Thirteen turning Fourteen Instructor
Fourteen turning Fifteen Instructor
Gospel Principles Instructor
Gospel Doctrine Instructor
  • Primary
Four turning Five
Seven turning Eight Instructor
  • Other Callings and Assignments
Special Needs Trainer
Basketball Coach
Stake Athletic Director
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