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Project Docs - Temporary Playground

Design documentation

The purpose of LDSTech includes helping people to "Learn about how the Church is using technology" and "Contribute to Church technology projects". Learning about what is already developed will help community members to contribute more effectively and reuse existing projects. In these pages, I am trying to help people understand the design of various church products/websites and how they can reuse or include the design in the community projects. Please enjoy this documentation, tear it apart (to make it better), and help me to fill in the blanks. Discussion is welcome!


Here's some of the documentation I would like to create or see made available to the community.

  1. Document how to use/integrate with various apps (and other parts of in other community projects. Note that there is already some great docs for many of these services. The docs may need to be expanded (possibly here instead of there) to take into account the visual design of some parts of
  2. Add a section in User:Cognifloyd/Design of or a new page that describes the unique visual styles in the following sections of
  3. Other sites that could potentially use some documentation down the road (or sites that I want to see [better] ways to integrate with them):
  4. new document on XQuery and MarkLogic
    • uses Marklogic to store all of the content. If a community project ever needs a more intimate integration with, XQuery might be just the ticket to success.
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