I am David Woodford I joined the church in June of 1975 with my wife. We joined the Leicester 1st ward later become the Leicester Evington ward then we moved to the Leicester 3rd branch which later become the Leicester 3rd ward now the Leicester Demontfort ward we spent around 35 years in that ward before moving to Westcotes ward in Leicester. I have spent almost all od my church life serving as a ward clerk I think I have served with around about seven different bishops. I know the book of Mormon is true I knelt in pray and both I and my wife had our answer at the same time. My hobbies are to many to list I am interested in family history gardening and food storage. We run a small Facebook group called the Westcotes Provident Living Group We started the group having ran a food storage event at church and its been running ever since. We hope later in life when we retire to move to live Grimsby or near.

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