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Preach The Gospel Missionary Emphasis:

Refine your list of people you have invited to the Temple Open House. Select a specific plan of how to extend a personal invitation to these people that is meaningful and encouraging. 1st Quarter 2012.

Add to that list. 1st Quarter 2012.

Study "Preach My Gospel" to be prepared to share the appropriate message to those you discuss the Gospel with.

Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.

Bring one person into the Church during the year.

Increase your ability to teach the Gospel to all of your extended family, especially children and grand children.

Perfect (Complete) the Saints Personal Growth and Caring emphasis:

Work toward 100% Home Teaching. Some form of monthly contact to all families assigned.

Know families well enough to meet temporal and spiritual needs.

Magnify all callings through personal study and reflection to maximize effect for all.

Follow scripture study schedule recommended by Stake Presidency.

Plan and execute personal spiritual goals.

Work to hold and use a current Temple Recommend.

Improve communications in all callings, be clear and provide good information for all activities.

Direct your family in righteous and acknowledge all righteous expectations of your wife.

Redeem the Dead Temple work and research emphasis:

Attend the St. Louis Temple prior to the time the KC Temple is dedicated.

Set up a personal and family temple attendance schedule and keep this commitment.

Search out your kindred dead and have these names (family files) ready for their temple covenants.

Seek within your influence and callings to involve your children and other youth in meaningful genelogical research and temple work for the dead.

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