I work in the ICS Content and Media portfolio where I focus on internationalization and localization in ICS. My background is in localization, where for the past 20+ years I've been able to help get WordPerfect, Novell, Intel and now Church products out to people around the world. But my background is meager compared to the challenge ahead of us.

While the Church has materials in 166 languages, that's still less than 2.5% of the world's 6,909 languages (not counting dialects). Given the breadth of languages we intend to cover (all of them -- plus dead languages as needed for Family History), the ever increasing volume of Church content, and the liklihood that more and more of that content will originate in languages other than English, it seems clear to me that the complexity of our linguistic and technical future will require more of us than of any other organization on Earth. We need to become the best in the world at internationalization and localization!

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