Edward Lalone

Technology Community Member

About Me

I joined the Church in September of 2001 after being street contacted by the missionaries. I have served in several callings since that time as a Home Teacher, Family History Consultant, Family History Committee Co-Chair and Committee Member, Assistant Secretary in the Elders' Quorum, and currently as a Membership Clerk.

Personal Information
Phone 801-404-3673
Church Callings Membership Clerk
Elder's Quorum Assistant Secretary
Family History Committee Member

Browsers I use
Primary Browser Google Chrome
Secondary Broswer Flock
Other Browsers Firefox
Internet Explorer

Projects I'm Interested In

I'm interested in assisting with projects related to my Church callings and those which are designed to benefit general Church membership. My level of technology experience is: Intermediate.

Projects I'm Interested In
Clerk Software
Elders' Quorum Software
Family History Software
Member-Targeted Software
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