When I was still an Assistant Stake Clerk, I started the LDS Clerks email list in 1998 as a way of talking with others about how to do my calling and in an attempt to help train Ward clerks. A decade before that, I served as the Ward Clerk for the Manhattan 1st Ward here in New York City. I have since been released from clerical responsibilities and I currently serve as a Welfare Specialist in our stake.

Despite not serving as a clerk currently, I maintain an interest in clerical tasks, and through the list I believe I've maintained some knowledge of how clerk duties are done.

In 2007, we started the LDS Clerks wiki, and in 2008 the wiki was moved to the domain. I host both the list and the wiki, and I remain interested in maintaining both, and expanding their reach.

For those interested, I am very active on the Internet, where I maintain several websites, blogs, wikis and email lists, both related to Mormonism and to other subjects:

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