Mark Fenton


LDSTech Service Missionary

Retired as engineer at KSL TV & Radio Started there as a Studio engineer -- supporting all aspects of video, audio, cameras, tape machine, microwave and satellite.
Was a certified Uplink operator and certified station operator.
Spent last 20 years as an IS engineer. Supported most aspects of computers.
Was a Cisco manager, Novel and Microsoft network administrator. Did pioneer work in programing data collection for elections, in the days of Turbo Pascal.
Wrote software that managed the Children's Miracle Network broadcast for 10 years.
Did other minor programing, such as numerous data conversion programs.

Before KSL, I spent 15 years in a Foundry. Worked my way from floor sweeper to Metallurgist.
Have a degree in Business, a degree in Metallurgy, and a degree in Electronics.

Love woodworking and have an envious shop in basement of a 3 car garage.
For personal growth and to keep my mind active -- I am studying Hebrew.

Served in the Cumorah mission 1966 to 1968.

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