I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Communication and a split minor in Political Science and Sociology. After graduation, I worked in Human Resources / Organizational Development for a major hospital here in California. I also taught courses at a trade school on employment, resume building and interviewing. After doing working in this capacity for about a year, I left to work as a Manager for the American Cancer Society for the next years.

During this time and since about 2003, I have also been an actively performing musician. I have used and extensively studied all forms of social media in regards to my professional and personal endeavors. About two years ago, I started building a website for my music that has been a good experience in reaching even more people. I share the website NOT for personal advertisement, but ONLY as it is important to the social media introduction I am giving.

I was recently called to be the Stake Website Administrator, so I'm currently working on a BASIC introduction and "how to" presentation on Keynote (Mac OS) to present to the Stake Presidency and Bishops on the church website and the importance of it's utilization.

I'm looking forward to learning from this group and possibility contributing where I can.

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