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Gods Creation

Have you ever wondered how beauty life is?

How sweet the sounds of birds are when they sing?

How wonderful the sun is when shinning

The beautiful flowers with a sweet scent,

The joyous of the people

And the happiness of the world

Sunday morning came

I sat and wonder

How amazing the creation is

Hopelessly was I

For my science knowledge is lacking

Since I never can I doubt thy wonderful creations

Science said human existence results from ape

Still I doubt it

Atoms may create things

But how atoms are formed is undefined

Or they exist by themselves?

Indeed not, something must be the result of it.

Can a ship sail without a sailor?

Can a racing car win the race without a driver?

A plant cannot grow well without a farmer

A house never exist without a builder

Things result by the work of someone

Without the creator, beautiful things fade.

Isn’t the creation of God obvious?

The stars above, and the sea around

Scientist may doubt the Creator

But never will they forget Him in time of need

A sheep may be lost in the hood

Still will find its way home

Praise Him for His creation

Alleluia to the Son of God for His LOVE

Osanah to the King Almighty

And the promising life He gave

Behind everything created,

Never doubt thy creation of thy Greatest God.

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