My name is Ron Vincent, website, (email address found at I am a convert to the LDS church since Feb. 1969. My background in technology is mostly with computers, UNIX systems operations, from 1985 to 2007, at a telecommunications company data center dealing with hands on and remote systems monitoring.

In the church, I have served in the past as a family history center computer specialist and ward computer specialist. Unfortunately, I am NOT current with church technology but I am familiar with technology in general. My wife and I served a mission in the Family History Dept. in Salt Lake City, UT from 2007-2008 where I served as asst. zone leader in the Worldwide Support Zone assisting missionaries with technology and help-desk problems. We served a second mission 2011-2012 in Data Quality.

I do not currently have any technology calling in the church (2013) but enjoy maintaining various simple websites. Most of my technological experience is with computers, data communications, and simple web (HTML) programming, though I do have a little experience with multi-track audio recording.

My full Bio is located here:

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