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I am an Executive Secretary. Has anyone used the Member Focus List. It can be found in the Resources Tab on the LDS website. At the bottom there is space to enter a members name and a button to "Add To List". When I enter a name and select Add To List nothing happens and the name is not added to the Member Focus List. What am I doing wrong. Our Bishop is unable to add names to the list either?

You created a page here on the wiki named Focus List. That is not really what the wiki is for. I think you would be much better served by posting your question over at the LDSTech Forum. The Forum is set up for discussing such issues, and there are many more people monitoring the forums than the wiki.
So I deleted that page but copied the text above. Hopefully you'll see it here. -- Aebrown 22:02, 13 April 2011 (UTC)
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