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Deletion of recent My Study Notebook template

Elder Gunn, this morning you created a template called "Template:Other languages/Template:Other languages/Frequently asked questions (My Study Notebook)". I deleted it because back on May 4, Tom Johnson created Template:Other languages/Frequently asked questions (My Study Notebook), which I think is the template you were trying to create. You had inadvertently doubled the "Template:Other languages/" part of the template name, so your new template wouldn't have worked anyway. -- Aebrown 11:13, 9 May 2012 (UTC)

Your user page

Elder Gunn, you have been very active on the wiki as of late, and we appreciate your contributions. It would be helpful if you created a User page to tell a little about yourself. Every change you make on the wiki is linked to your user page, but that page is currently blank. You can see some examples in my user page or Tom Johnson's. Your page could be very simple, but noting that you are a Church Service Missionary for LDSTech and that you are working on facilitating translation of pages related to applications would help others understand your role here.

Contacting you

It would also be very helpful if you provided some way for people to contact you. You can go into your "My preferences" for the wiki and specify an e-mail address. That way people will have a way to contact you besides this User talk page. Doing so will not expose your e-mail address to other wiki users, but they will be able to send you a message through the wiki. See, for example, that on Tom Johnson's user page, the Toolbox links at the bottom include an "E-mail this user" link, but on your user page, there is no such link at present. You could also choose to list your e-mail address on your User page if you'd like (as Tom did), but that's your choice.


Finally, it appears that you were using your User page as what we call in the wiki world a "Sandbox" -- a page where you can put links or other wikitext that is helpful for you in your testing or wiki editing, but won't affect any content that others care about. The standard way to do so is to create one or more subpages of your user page. In your case, that could be a page such as User:Dsgunn130908/Sandbox. You could link to it from your user page, but your user page itself should be reserved for telling about you. See my user page for an example (see the link at the bottom to my sandbox.

-- Aebrown 11:13, 9 May 2012 (UTC)

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