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I also would like to find one "official" style guide for all church publications, including magazine articles, books submitted to Deseret Book, or for just general publishing. I would like to have things right. On the LDSTech website such a manual is referenced but there is no link to it. I can certainly follow the Chicago Manual of Style or the MLS Handbook but I was looking for a general but all encompassing style guide. Maybe there isn't one. I also see that when I access the Church Magazines, Ensign, Submit your work, I found a "How to contribute to the Ensign" but no actual style guide. [Franklinr 6 March 2014]

There is an official style guide. I believe I referenced it's official name and where I found that name given in that first post of mine that I'm assuming brought you over here for further discussion, although I can't remember either of those pieces of information now... although apparently only Church employees in specific departments have access to it? I came away from that other thread feeling like I was being told that I should mind my own business and my motives for wanting a copy of the style guide were under inquisition... like you, my opinion is that such information should be available to inquiring minds, but I concluded that as I'm a stranger here it wasn't my place to rock the boat so I dropped the subject. So sorry I'm not much help on getting that style guide, and please let me know how/where if you do get access to one... --Gamersrc (talk) 19:01, 6 March 2014 (MST)

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