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Combine LDS accounts

I have a newly baptized member who would like to combine her accounts. One from before baptisim and one afterwards. Anyone know how to do this?

Please don't create a page in the main namespace of the wiki to ask questions. If you need to ask a question on the wiki, it should always be done in a Discussion page, such as this one. I have moved your question page to your User Talk page.
But the wiki is not a good place to ask a general clerk question, because very few people will see it, and chances are that no one will answer it. You're much better off asking your question in the LDS Account section of the LDSTech forum. Your question will be seen (and answered) by many more people there.
When you do post your question over on the Forum, please explain why this new member would need anything that may have been associated with the pre-baptism account. It would have been best not to have created the new account (the former account could have just been linked to the membership number), but now that the new account exists, it seems simplest to just abandon the old account. So you'll want to explain why abandoning it wouldn't work. -- Aebrown (talk) 20:38, 12 August 2013 (MDT)
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