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Please follow capitalization guidelines

You are in the process of creating a lot of new content, which is a wonderful contribution. But it would be very helpful if you could follow the guidelines for creating new articles and categories. In particular, note that articles, headings, and categories should not use title case -- only the first word should be capitalized (except, of course, for proper nouns). You are creating so much content that I can't keep up with you; besides, in my attempt to fix this content, I would probably step on your toes. I know that there is existing content in the wiki that uses title case, but I can only do so much myself. It's much better to create new content that follows guidelines than to fix it up after the fact.

Thanks! -- Aebrown 17:02, 19 May 2010 (UTC)

He cambiado Editing Template:Meetinghouse base/es

  • He cambiado Politicas por politica (aunque deberia ser: Pautas generales)
  • Requisitos es con letras mayusculas
  • He cambiado Local ideas por Ideas locales (que sigue una mejor sintaxis y gramatica)

--Giraldezjota 10:53, 9 December 2010 (UTC)

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