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How do I use study mode?

Is there a guide or introduction or tour of the Online Scriptures study mode?

Please note that you'll get much better responses to questions like this on the LDSTech Forum. But if you do choose to ask a question on the wiki, you should ask it on a Talk page, such as this one (your user talk page). Pages created in the main name space are supposed to be actual articles on a topic, not questions. So I deleted the page you created (but copied the content here to your user talk page).
As for your question, there is a page for getting started guides; one of those is for "My Study Notebook" (which is the former name for "Notes and Journals"). There is also an entire help section for My Study Notebook here on this wiki (the Help link in Notes and Journals takes you there). Both those places are a bit out of date, but I think you'll find them to be helpful. -- Aebrown (talk) 09:22, 2 November 2012 (MDT)
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